News Photo Awards. A Changing World until 24 December 2021

Deadline: 24 December 2021. News Photo Awards. A Changing World is a second international photo contest for professional photojournalists launched by TASS Russian News Agency.

The planetwide lockdown is now mostly over and we hope that the accumulated experience and the acquired know-how will help us prevent a repetition of this sort in the future. Nevertheless, things throughout the globe are changing at lightning speed, and so differently and unpredictably that people frequently just don’t have time to grasp what is going on or adapt to the situation. This concerns not only healthcare and medicine, but also politics, the economy, society, culture and many other fields, which are not only transforming by leaps and bounds, but are also swiftly reshaping and changing the daily life of billions of people.

Like in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the professional eye of photo reporters from around the world can help us see and most importantly, record these global and regional transformations. While working on the ‘frontlines’, photojournalists were the first to identify and reveal the most interesting things. Photographers captured key events for the entire globe, with many of them later becoming a crucial feature of world history, by freezing these moments in time for future generations. It is these stories recorded by professionals that will convey and show how this changed world, this new normal, looks like in 2021.

Participation in the contest is free-of-charge. Entries can be submitted by press photographers, who work or cooperate with media outlets.


The winners will be selected in four categories:

– News
– People & Lifestyle
– Нealthcare
– Environment

For each above-mentioned category, two winners will be nominated for Best Single Photo and Best Photo Series. Thus, here, in total, eight $3,000 prizes await winners. That being said, the best photo of all entered will be awarded the Grand Prize. The creator of this artwork will receive $10,000.

Photo Contest Website: