Outdoor Photographer of the Year – until 6 December 2018

Deadline: 6 December 2018. The overall winner of OPOTY 2018 will receive £2,000 cash, and we’re thrilled to announce that this year each of the category winners will be receiving a superb Fjällräven Award to the value of £500. Fjällräven creates garments for a lifetime in nature. Garments to keep you warm and dry, all year round. No matter where you’re going, Fjällräven offers durable and functional equipment, produced on nature’s terms. This year’s OPOTY category winners will have the chance to use their Fjällräven Awards to assemble a set of outdoor kit from Fjällräven’s extensive range.

From raging storms in the mountains to the stillness of the whitened forests, Fjällräven welcomes all that nature brings. Never to conquer it but, like the best outdoor photographers, to enjoy and appreciate. With their Fjällräven Awards, the category winners in OPOTY 2018 will be free to explore nature no matter what conditions they encounter.


The prestigious title of Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2018 is given for the photograph, chosen from the adult category winners, that the judges feel is the best single image entered. The winner will receive £2,000 and also be awarded the coveted Outdoor Photographer of the Year slate trophy.

Category winners will each receive a £500 Fjällräven Award to get equipment, garments and accessories to enhance their outdoor photography experience.

To give you some idea of the range of products to choose from, go to fjallraven.co.uk.

Contest website: https://www.opoty.co.uk/