Parallel Voices until 31 December 2019

Deadline: 31 December 2019. Photometria International Photography Festival continuing the promotion of modern photographic creativity, announces a portfolio competition.

It is requested by the participants one (1) portfolio including fifteen (15) photos of which eight (8) will be chosen. Through these pictures, the photographer addresses a topic of his preference, an idea or even the narration of a story.

The top nine (9) portfolios will be the material of the exhibitions entitled “Parallel Voices”.

Your participation is going to be valid only if you have sent the portfolio and paid the cost of your participation.

In chase the photographs depict individuals without their knowledge or their approve, the responsibility lies exclusively on the photographer at whom the work belongs to and NOT on Photometria International Photography Festival.

The large side of the pictures sent must be 1500 pixels wide and 300 ppi in resolution.

Of those who will be excelled from the contest, it will be requested in time, to send their pictures at full resolution to be printed for the following exhibition.

The excelled portfolios will be the material of the exhibitions entitled “Parallel Voices”, which will take place at places specified by the festival. Photometria International Photography Festival reserves the right to use the excelled pictures for the promotion of these exhibitions, as also at future promotional acts of the festival, with reference to the creator of the work. The printed portfolios will be reserved at the archive of the festival which holds the right to manage them and re-exhibit them.

The submission of your portfolio entails the acceptance of the above terms of the festival from each individual competitor.


Participation at Parallel Voices 2020(Group Exhibition), at Photometria International Photography Festival (Ioannina, Greece).

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