PASHADELIC Global Photo Contest – until 31 July 2019

Deadline: 31 July 2019. This year’s Global Photo Contest, we would like not only to see your beautiful work but also to consider how we can give return a favor to the photo locations. We want to make this an excellent opportunity for everyone to think and respect about nature. PASHADELIC would like to hold contests to consider how society can coexist with the environment more deeply.

The Theme is: “Landscape Photography to Pass on to the Next Generation”

1.) Please explain to us the reason why you want to pass this photo to the next generation along with your entry.
2.) Top 5 contestants remaining, will give a presentation in front of the judges.
For all of us who like landscape photography, we have a little dilemma on our hands. While on the one hand, we want spread the photos on social media for everyone to see it, on the other hand, when too many photographers and tourists visits that one particular location, the place is often destroyed?​ ​

In that sense, even our service on PASHADELIC, it reveals photo location which is often considered a ‘taboo’ in our industry. We want to share the beauty of nature with everyone, as our motto.​ ​

As the scope of our user activities is expanded, we came to hear from lots of you ‘I can enjoy more photos!’ while sadly also hearing ‘But I cannot go to popular shooting places anymore.’ PASHADELIC also share the same dilemma. This dilemma exists not only in one person or one country. It is a dilemma taking place all over the world. While some sites have been banned due to lots of people visiting, there are also some places that are being made more exciting by working together with the local government.​ ​

By challenging photographers to think about how can we make a better world by coexisting with the nature of a place? Above all else, the landscape photographers who work with nature closely, will be able to take the first step. “A world that has been changed by landscape photographers.” Wouldn’t it be nice if such a future existed? I believe that every one of our behavior can contribute to respect nature and allow us to pass on the beauty of the spot to the next generation.


Nikon Z7
Photo Prints
Stay in Five Star Hotel in Japan
Exhibition for three month

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