Portrait’21 until 10 July 2021

Deadline: 10 July 2021. The portrait is the true art of the photographer. Telling people, their story, with your own style is probably the greatest magic of photography.

The best portraits are intense, they seek the soul, the essence of the person. In portraits, the photographer must have the ability to contextualize people in their life scenes or in outdoor environments.

The light, the choice of the lens, the post production are fundamental elements to give the portrait an artistic touch and an atmosphere capable of “striking” the observer. The good portraitist can be recognized immediately, a signature is not necessary.


The important thing is to participate. But it’s always nice to win, especially when there are so many good photographers.

1st – 2nd – 3rd Classified
1st classified 3 years as a “seller” and premium user on Fineart Caffè. 2nd place 2 years, 3rd place 1 year.

For the three winners, the biography will be published in the Magazine section, the portfolio of 40 photographs and the video on our channels.

First 50 classified
The first 50 photographs will enter the contest selection and will be published on Youtube. The photobook will be published on Fineart Caffè and sent to subscribers.

Facebook award
Premium subscription (from September) for 1 year and honorable mention in the photo book and on the channels.

Photo Contest Website: https://www.fineartcaffe.it/contest-fotografico/