Project Grants for Freelance Visual Journalists until 28 February 2022

Deadline: 28 February 2022. A grant opportunity for Freelance Visual Journalists worldwide working on stories about climate change, environmental justice, gender equality, racial justice, and human rights.

Each Entry consists of a Story made up of a series of images (minimum of 15 images, maximum 35) or a short film (max 10 Mins); a written description of the project; and, 100 to 400 word written personal reflection about the project and its importance. Include a written Statement, in first person, saved as the Story text that describes the project. How did the project come about? Why it is important to tell this story now, from your perspective; and what you intend to do with the grant.


The Grant will support four freelance visual journalists or photojournalists worldwide each with a $2500 project grant, and a Lifetime Plus Membership to build a website via Visura.

Photo Contest Website: