TINCAN Magazine Photography Awards ends 19 July 2023

Deadline: 19 July 2023. The TINCAN Magazine is a perpetual container for the distribution or storage of culture, art, and its creators.

The TINCAN Magazine Photography Awards nurtures an aspirational community of creators who share important stories and influence the way people think through the global language of imaging.
One simple and smooth way to submit to our competition is FilmFreeway. It is a platform mostly focused on Film Festivals, but they also accept photography contests, and live events of many genres. The platform is great, both for submitters and event managers and it is also an excellent judging platform for the international judges.
After you create an account, go to add project, select “Photography/Design”, and fill in the requested information. Each submission must come with:
– a title
– the author’s name
– the author’s country
– an author’s statement, or a brief description with a minimum of 5 lines and a maximum of 20 lines.

Judges score on a scale of 1-10, based on the criteria below:

*Originality (Uniqueness of Concept / Expression of Theme)
*Creativity (Storytelling / Mood)
*Technical Execution (Composition, Color, Lighting, Exposure & Focus)
*Subject Matter / Relevancy to Category Topic
*Overall Impression / Wow Factor

Entries receiving an average score under 5 do not qualify for an award.

The TINCAN Magazine Photography Awards categories consists of:
Abstract Photography, Analog Photography, Animals Photography, Architecture Photography, Black & White Photography, Cityscape Photography, Commercial Photography, Conceptual Photography, Editorial Photography, Event Photography, Fashion Photography, Fine Art Photography, Landscape Photography, Mobile Photography, Nature Photography, Night Photography, Nude Photography, Panoramic Photography, People Photography, Photojournalism Photography, Photomanipulation, Portrait Photography, Seascape Photography, Street Photography, Travel Photography, Wildlife Photography.


All semi-finalists, finalists and winners will be listed on our website.
Some prizes may include exhibitions (but only in case of the venues availability).

All winners will get a digital award certificate and official winner laurels.

All winners, finalists and semi-finalists will have their submitted works published on the magazine website, under the Artists’ Profile category.

All winners will be interviewed (in writing) and their interviews will be published on the magazine website, under the Artists’ Spotlight category.

The winners will be selected for each of the following categories:

*Street Photography: (daylight or night photography) – candid photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places.
*Portrait: artistic images capturing the personality of a person or group of people.
*Fine Art: images where the intention is aesthetic, revealing the subjective, creative vision of the artist (abstract, collage, landscape, nudes, portrait, still life, photomanipulation, special effects etc).
*Minimalist Photography: photographs that are distinguished by extreme, austere simplicity.
*Monochrome: artistic images in black and white or monochrome.
*Beauty: glamour-style portraiture, either artistic or commercial, emphasizing someone’s or something’s beauty.
*Fashion: featuring clothing, other fashion items/accessories, makeup or styling.
*Product: images that accurately and attractively represent products for commercial purposes.
*Travel/Tourism: images highlighting an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history.
*Architecture: architectural photography, buildings or structures, interior or exterior, and any part thereof.
*Cityscapes: the physical aspects of a city or urban area.
*Documentary: providing information on specific subjects or events.
*Nature: focusing on natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures (aerial, animals, flowers, landscapes, panoramic, sunset, trees, underwater, wildlife etc).
*Sport: featuring any competitive or recreational sport.
*Wedding: featuring people and activities relating to wedding or engagement ceremonies, celebrations, or traditions.
*Photo Essay (Series only): images arranged to explore a theme, news feature, human-interest story, etc.
*Analog Photography: images taken using an analogue camera and film.
*Phone Photography: images taken using a smartphone.

Photo Contest Website: https://tincanmagazine.com/portfolio/the-tincan-magazine-photography-awards/