URBAN Photo Arena for Photographers Under 35 ends 31 May 2024

Deadline: 31 May 2024. Are you an under 35 Photographer? Submit your best free themed photo for free to URBAN Photo Arena 2024 and take part in an international photo contest.Experience the challenge from a juror perspective: other than competing with your shots, you’ll get to vote your opponents ones! Passing the first phase means you’ll make it to phase 2: your submissions will be voted by a jury of big international photographers! Visit our webpage to discover the special prizes up to grab for the first photographers ranked. There will also be prizes for the best juror!


URBAN Photo Arena 2024 prize pool:
– 600 € First ranked Winner
– 300 € Second ranked Winner
– 150 € Best Voter
– And many more other prizes!

Photo Contest Website: http://https//www.urbanphotoawards.com/en/urban-photo-arena/