Wiki Loves Folklore ends 31 March 2024

Deadline: 31 March 2024. Join us for Wiki Loves Folklore 2024, an international photographic contest hosted annually at Wikimedia Commons! This exciting event aims to capture the rich tapestry of folk cultures from diverse corners of the world. In the spirit of cultural documentation and celebration, participants are invited to contribute their unique perspectives through captivating photographs that showcase the beauty, traditions, and uniqueness of folk cultures.

How to Participate: Capture: Grab your camera or smartphone and capture the essence of folk cultures. This could include traditional rituals, festivals, costumes, crafts, and more.
Upload: Share your images on Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Register and submit your entries to contribute to the global repository of cultural diversity.
Celebrate: Be part of a worldwide community celebrating and preserving the beauty of folk cultures.

Why Wiki Loves Folklore?
Cultural Preservation: Contribute to the documentation and preservation of diverse folk cultures around the world. Global Collaboration: Engage with an international community of photographers, cultural enthusiasts, and Wikimedia contributors. Prizes: Stand a chance to win exciting prizes while sharing the beauty of your cultural experiences.


1st prize: 400 USD
2nd prize: 300 USD
3rd prize: 100 USD
Top 10 consolation prizes: 40 USD Each
Best Video prize and best Audio prize: 50 USD Each
Top uploader prize for images: First Prize: 300 USD, Second prize: 150 USD
Wiki Loves Folklore Postcards to top 100 Uploaders
Certificates and postcards to Local Organizers.

Photo Contest Website: