Your Way Online Solo Exhibition ends 28 February 2024

Deadline: 28 February 2024. We are open to artists at all stages of their career – including emerging artists. The Your Story, Your Way Solo Exhibition is a unique chance to showcase your artwork to more than 100,000+ international viewers, including collectors, press, art advisors, and art lovers.

Our Solo Exhibitions offer a unique opportunity for you to showcase your artwork among a carefully chosen ensemble of fellow artists. Witness your creations presented in a polished manner while increasing your visibility to a worldwide audience.

To further increase visibility, the exhibition will be promoted on our growing social media platforms, a video will be created and available on the website and Ten Moir Gallery’s YouTube channel. Keep 100% of Your Sales. Any sales inquiries or requests go directly to the artists.

The solo display comprises a collection of 6 to 10 artworks thoughtfully intertwined with excerpts from your artist statement and biography. Here’s an exceptional chance to present your art in a polished and expertly arranged manner, allowing you to craft a robust portfolio that mirrors your unique artistic vision. You can submit any artwork that has been previously featured in a Ten Moir Gallery competition for consideration in the exhibition. Additionally, the pieces selected for the solo art exhibition are not required to be available for sale.

Are you ready to elevate your art and share your exceptional voice with the world? Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to participate in Ten Moir Gallery’s virtual solo exhibition. Let us help you reveal the profound power of your creative expression.


Solo Exhibition, Digital Certificate, Artists retain 100% of sales with inquiries directed to them. The exhibition will be promoted online on the gallery’s websites, on our social media channels, and other platforms such as Youtube.

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