AAPC – Afns Award Prime Contest until 31 December 2021

Deadline: 31 December 2021. Only photographers who have already submitted images to the AFNS AWARD and have been awarded at least a WINNER BADGE or higher may participate in the AAPC. Photographers can submit their images daily and will be reviewed and evaluated within 24 hours. This unique judging process allows participants to quickly evaluate and achieve award goals.


Step 1: Register and create a user profile.
Step 2: Upload your pictures to the contest and pay with PayPal.
Step 3: Within 24 hours we will rate your pictures and assign the badges to your pictures and upload your pictures to the winner galleries. You can download the assigned badges directly from your profile and use them for your promotion.
Step 4: We assign your AAPC level points to your profile and you can start collecting more points to get to the top of the ranking list with the chance to win the title “AAPC Photographer of the Year”. All Top 100 photographers of the year receive a “AAPC Top 100 Photographer of the Year” certificate.
Step 5: Collect as many badges with your pictures as possible in 2021 and win great prizes and products from our generous sponsors.


At the AAPC, photographers from the fields of newborn photography, pregnancy photography, can participate. Participants may be professionals and amateurs in their field of photography. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

The AAPC is divided into 5 categories.

Category Newborn photography
Category Maternity photography
Category Parents photography
Category Siblings photography
Children Photography


The member who has earned the most AAPC level points in 2021 receives the title “AAPC Photographer of the Year 2021”

This title is rewarded with:

A certificate “Overall Photographer of the Year 2021”
Publication in the official AAPC TOP 100 PHOTOGRAPHER 2021 yearly magazine (printed & digital)
Cover of the official AAPC TOP 100 PHOTOGRAPHER 2021 yearly magazine
A winner trophy
A medal
A cash prize of € 2000
A Store Credit Voucher of €500 from Ana Brandt’s www.bellybabywear.com
A Store Credit Voucher of €300 from INTUITION BACKGROUNDS https://www.intuitionbackgrounds.com
A beautiful, unique and handmade dress worth €150 from DOLCESTILNOVO https://www.facebook.com/dolcestilnovo.official

Photo Contest Website: http://www.afnsawardprimecontest.com/