Imagination by PH21 Gallery until 4 May 2020

Deadline: 4 May 2020. Imagination is the creative ability of the mind that lets us reinterpret, reorganise and recreate our experiences, or even to create new, imagined ones that are hardly dependent on our own past or present experiences. Although photographic images are rooted in and rely on reality to some extent, they also often present us imagined situations, imagined lives, the world in many possible imagined ways. Some images do so by virtue of being staged, but unstaged cityscapes or even street photographs also often invite us to follow the imagination of the photographer to explore new aspects and depths of the world that is not easily available to the unreflecting eye. A portrait is also a mysterious opportunity to imagine a rich and complex human personality with the help of the creative imaginative interpretation of the photographer. Indeed, the most successful photographic works engage the imagination of both the photographer and the viewer.


One juror’s choice and up to three honourable mentions will be selected and announced. The juror’s choice receives three free entries for any upcoming themed group exhibition calls at PH21 Gallery. (Each free entry includes up to 15 images.)

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