RHS Photographic Competition until 1 February 2021

Deadline: 1 February 2021. The RHS Photographic Competition inspires young and old alike to get outdoors and record how enriching and inspiring gardens and plants can be.

There are 10 different categories in the competition, designed to have a broad appeal to aspiring entrants and cover different gardening-related topics.

Gardens: any garden, anywhere. Share your favourite view of your most special outdoor space, whether small-town city garden or world-class stately home, village back gardens to rooftop or communal garden. If there’s a space you call a garden, then we want to see it.

Welcoming wildlife: beautiful photographs of insects, birds and creatures found wild in your garden or garden surroundings. Images can be close-up details or wider views of wildlife enjoying the outdoor environment.

Plants: celebrate the essence and sheer delight of plants, flowers and produce growing happily – but avoid macro photography. We want to see single or multiple specimens and understand the character and habit of these beautiful plants.

Macro: celebrate and excite the senses through close-up photography of plants, flowers, stems, leaves, roots or any part of a plant. These photographs should be about the detail and intimate nature of the subject in question.

Creative: let your imagination, originality and creativity go wild. Image manipulation and graphic approaches are also welcomed. We want to be wowed by amazing, unusual and never-been-seen-before images that challenge and make us think.

Indoor gardening: ​show us everything that sums up the fun, beauty and interest of growing plants indoors. From windowsills to conservatories, terrariums to glasshouses, house plants to indoor edibles, there’s never been a better time to photograph plants that thrive indoors.


Winner of the RHS Photographic Competition £5,000
Young Winner of the RHS Photographic Competition £750 Wex Photographic vouchers

Adult categories
First Place £500 + RHS Gift membership
Second Place £250
Third Place £150

Portfolio category
Best in Show £500 + RHS Gift membership
RHS Medals are awarded

Under 18s
First place £150 Wex Photographic vouchers
Second place £75 Wex Photographic vouchers
Third place £50 Wex Photographic vouchers

Under 11s
First place £150 Wex Photographic vouchers
Second place £75 Wex Photographic vouchers
Third place £50 Wex Photographic vouchers

Photo Contest Website: https://www.rhs.org.uk/Promotions/rhs-photo-competition